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Adding mutliple values to the objectClass attribute using Java

I am trying to add multiple values e.g "inetOrgPerson, myCompanyPerson"
to the objectClass attribute when adding a new user.

myCompanyPerson inherits from inetOrgPerson.

In my Java code I add the objectClass attribute twice, with the different values

If I run this code, it adds the user, but when I  do a dump using
slapcat it only shows the last added value for objectClass
(myCompanyPerson in this case).

I would like to know if its neccesary to add all the object classes the
user belongs to, or just the lowest one in the hierarchy.

I have searched Google for a whole day and I cant find any info clearing
this up for me (maybe I'm just stupid :P)

Anybody willing to help me out here?