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Invalid Credentials error for a Bind DN with spl. character

I have a requirement to deploy openLDAP server with the suffix of "O = 
Company, Inc.,C=US".  I was able to configure slapd.conf and start it 
with the following suffix and rootDN and start openLDAP fine
suffix  "O=Company\2C Inc., C=US"
rootdn  "cn=Manager,O=Company\2C Inc.,C=US"
Next step is to populate the directory with the ldif file.  The issue 
is, I can't bind with the rootDN (I can do a anonymous ldapsearch).  I 
tried using the DN in different ways but it fails with invalid 
credential error.
1) "cn=Manager,O=Company\2C Inc.,C=US"
2) "cn=Manager,O=Company\, Inc.,C=US"
Using "cn=Manager,O=Company, Inc.,C=US" fails with Invalid DN error.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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