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Re: JDBC-JNDI bridge character output.

Erlend Hamnaberg wrote:

It should be LDIF safe, because i used a generated utf-8 Ldif to create the database.

Marc Boorshtein wrote:

Whats happening is that it's finding that the Norweigan character is
not LDIF safe (though it should be) and so it's base64 encoding it.

1. Which platform is your client?

Unsure if i understand this. I am coding in JDK 1.5 if that is what you are meaning.
My development machine is running Ubuntu Hoary.
I've also tried it on the server, same result.

2. Which platform is your server?

my server is openldap 2.2.23 (Debian sarge).

3. Which version of the bridge are you using?

I am using v2.0

4.  If you are using 2.0 (The latest from Octet String's download
site) I would like to know if you can try re-producing this problem
with JLDAP (the library that decided wether or not the data should be
base64 encoded.

JLDAP works fine. I used the sample code supplied with the libary. All norwegian characters show fine.