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Re: JDBC-JNDI bridge character output.

Whats happening is that it's finding that the Norweigan character is
not LDIF safe (though it should be) and so it's base64 encoding it.

1.  Which platform is your client?
2.  Which platform is your server?
3.  Which version of the bridge are you using?
4.  If you are using 2.0 (The latest from Octet String's download
site) I would like to know if you can try re-producing this problem
with JLDAP (the library that decided wether or not the data should be
base64 encoded.

On 7/18/05, Erlend Hamnaberg <hamnis@start.no> wrote:
> What character set does the JDBC driver output its data in?
> Whenever a word contains the norwegian characters æ ø or å the text gets
> all scrambled up.
> FI:
> expected result:
>         Bjørn
> result from jdbc:
>         QmrDuHJu
> Is it possible to set the output characterset in the connectionsstring
> or do I need to convert the text after it is retrived from the database?