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Re: starting slapd syboll lookup error

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Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> This problem is likely specific to the 3rd package of
> OpenLDAP Software you are using.  You should contact that
> party for assistance.

Maybe you missed my (the maintainer of said 3rd-party packages)
responses to Javier's problems, which resulted from him following the
advice of the admin guide
(http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin23/install.html) to download and
compile all the necessary software from source, which resulted in half a
2.2.27 and half a 2.2.23 installation?

Javier solved the problem by (on my advice) removing the
locally-compiled 2.2.27 libary from /usr/local/lib and running ldconfig.

I wonder if it may be useful to include a mention that the user should
first check if the software provided by their vendor is relatively
up-to-date, before modifying their installation to a (to the
inexperienced user) difficult to repair state?

If not, maybe I will patch the version of the admin guide we ship so we
don't have users shoot themselves in the foot when following it
(although, I don't know if this would have helped Javier, since he
probably read the on-line copy).

Surely someone just installing OpenLDAP the first time (and who may not
necessarily be experienced in building software from source) should
rather stick with the packages provided, maintained (from a security
updates point of view at least) and supported (in terms of
application-level support, integration with other packages and updates
between releases of the vendor's product) by the vendor rather than
compile everything from source


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