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Re: starting slapd syboll lookup error

This problem is likely specific to the 3rd package of
OpenLDAP Software you are using.  You should contact that
party for assistance.

At 06:23 PM 7/14/2005, javier rojas wrote:
>i got this error, i've google it and it appears to happen when the
>openldap-client was installed incorrectly, so i did a rpm -e
>openldap-client and error: package openldap-client is not installed.
>Starting slapd (ldap + ldaps): /usr/sbin/slapd: symbol lookup error:
>/usr/sbin/slapd: undefined symbol: ldap_pvt_sasl_mutex_new
>i can't seem to be able to start the service.
>does someone knows what it is?