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Re: Using access entries: How to give write access everbody to his children?

* Tomà s NÃÃez Lirola <tomas@criptos.com> [050715 14:12]:
> Hi
> entire subbranch. I'm reading slapd.conf "access control" part, but I
> don't succeed. I've been looking for examples, but I've found none like
> this... So now I'm not sure if it can be done...

The proper manpage is slapd.access. Ok as an answer, I would try a
dn.regex-Scheme, but perhaps there are better way to do this.

Adjust this example
access to dn.regex="^(.+,)uid=(.+),rest_of_dn$$"
    by dn.regex="^uid=$2,rest_of_dn$$" write
    by * none # (is implicit)

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