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Using access entries: How to give write access everbody to his children?

I'm trying to use LDAP to store the employees info and more, but I'm new
to LDAP and I'm having some problems...

I want to give all nodes write access to all children of this node, to the
entire subbranch. I'm reading slapd.conf "access control" part, but I
don't succeed. I've been looking for examples, but I've found none like
this... So now I'm not sure if it can be done...

The idea is, if the tree is like this:
    AA -AAB
A - AB -ABB  ...

  \    /ACA
    AC -ACB

I want that AA can write to AAA, and AAB, and AAAA, and AAABCBA, etc.
AB can write to AB*.

This can be done with "access control" entries, in LDAP? If so, can you
give me any hint?

After that, I want that everyone can read its parent (AABA can read AAB,
but not AA). This can be done? Any hint?

Thanks in advance