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Re: dn.dnstyle=dn acl works in backend specific but not in global configuration.(pls ignore)

"Include" file directives as much as possible must
occure before any other directives in you slapd.conf,
which in my case it, did not.

--- jay alvarez <ldapb0y@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>   this is my access list:
> access to dn.subtree="ou=staff,dc=preginet" by users
> read
> But my problem is that this only works when I place
> it
> in database specific. slapd.conf(5) didn't mention
> anything about this, it only says that
> configurations
> placed in global or otherwise above any other
> database/backend directive lines, can be overriden
> by
> the configuration that are found below any
> database/backend definition. I'm using version
> 2.2.26.
> Apparently this was the answer I was looking for
> from
> my previous posts regarding the error of always
> having
> a bad DN. 
> Any input will be appreciated.
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