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Re: openldap23 w/ bdb43 entryCSN eq index prob

Dusty Doris wrote:
 On Mon, 27 Jun 2005, Dusty Doris wrote:
>> When I restart in debug mode, I get a segmentation fault.

>> => bdb_list_candidates 0xa0 => bdb_filter_candidates GE =>
>> bdb_inequality_candidates (entryCSN) => key_read Segmentation
>> fault

> This actually gives me a core dump as well, if I wait a couple
> seconds. As soon as I figure out how to build a slapd binary with
> debugging symbols still intact, I can run gdb on that core file and
> post it.

> Anyway, this appears to be related to the syncprov overlay.  When I
>  initialize the syncprov overlay in slapd.conf, I see this issue.
> When I do not, then this doesn't happen.

Here is the core with gdb. Is this useful?

Frames #7-9 in that trace look bogus. Can you do a "bt full" on this one?

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