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Re: synrepl to AD

--On Sunday, June 26, 2005 4:49 PM -0800 Marc Grober <marc@interak.com> wrote:

Is syncrepl only an openldap feature?
If so, is there any feature of openldap or any "glue"app that would allow
for replication of data from AD?  Am  I limited to using some command line
client to build an ldif file and then importing the ldif file and if so,
does anyone know of such a  command??

Please keep your replies to the list unless you would like to pay consulting fees.

As for syncrepl, OpenLDAP is the only directory service I know of that implements it.

It may be possible to use slurpd to replicate to AD, but there are many issues around that, as AD is not compliant with the LDAP standards.

As far as LDIF export, read up on slapcat.


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