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synrepl to AD

I am trying to syncrepl to an AD .
I do not have admin access to the AD but I can bind  using an ldap
I added a bdb stanza for the remote server with the statements included
in the openldap docs (I have openldap 2 running on Suse 9ES where the
slave ldap will be located)
I get a simple one liner bcack that ldap could not bind to the AD

1) Can someone offer a working example of a syncrepl configuration
2) To do syncrepl, must the master have any knowledge of the slave (the
docs suggest that this is not necessary)
3) With AD, need I have admin access, as opposed to being able to bind
as just any old user....
4) while the binddn I am using is in the master db,  the updatre dn (the
dn on my openldap server) is in a different database. e.g.
binddn  cn=bob, dc=kludge, dc=com
updatedn  cn=bobg, dc=suse, dc=kludge,dc=com