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dynlist overlay and search filters

Hi world!

  I'm testing "dynlist overlay" with openldap-2.3.4.

  This is a great function, but I have some problems with filters when
expanding memberURL. I explain :

*** in slapd.conf I have: overlay dynlist dynlist-oc groupOfURLs dynlist-ad memberURL

*** I push in LDAP tree something like:

dn: cn=zz,ou=groups,ou=db-servusers,dc=ciril,dc=fr
objectClass: groupOfURLs
cn: zz

*** when searching : /usr/local/openldap/bin/ldapsearch -LLL -b cn=zz,ou=groups,ou=db-servusers,dc=ciril,dc=fr mail

 the answer is :
dn: cn=zz,ou=groups,ou=db-servusers,dc=ciril,dc=fr
mail: email1@ciril.fr
mail: email2@ciril.fr
mail: email3@ciril.fr
mail: ...

PS: I replace reals emails by [email(n)] just for no spam on our emails ;-)

*** but when searching with a filter : /usr/local/openldap/bin/ldapsearch -LLL -b cn=zz,ou=groups,ou=db-servusers,dc=ciril,dc '(mail=email1@=ciril.fr)' mail


  /usr/local/openldap/bin/ldapsearch -LLL -b
cn=zz,ou=groups,ou=db-servusers,dc=ciril,dc= '(mail=*)' mail

  I have no answer !

  It seems that filters are not applied after expanding memberURL...
  Do you confirm that ?!
  Will it be change in next versions ?!

  If searching with filters can not applied... dynlist function may be
limited : no ?!

Many thanks, Alex.

Alexandre SIMON
Cellule Réseau StanNet/Lothaire

C.I.R.I.L.            | Perm. reseau : +33 (0)
Chateau du Montet     | Tel.  direct : +33 (0)
Rue du Doyen Roubault | Fax          : +33 (0)
F - 54500 VANDOEUVRE  | Email        : Alexandre.Simon@ciril.fr