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problem in modifying/adding a userCertificate attribute. OL 2.3.4

Hello List.

I am using OpenLDAP 2.3.4.

OS: Solaris 8 or Linux (RedHat 7.1). [I know, it's old, but it doesn't matter.]

Objective of the (small) directory: tests, teaching, etc.

When I was using OL 2.2.xx, I had set a userCertificate value with the following LDIF line:

userCertificate;binary:< file:///usr/local/ssl/certs/filename.der

And when I used the ldapadd/ldapmodify command to set up the value, I had no problem at all.

I wanted to do the same thing with the OL 2.3.4 version.

Same LDIF line, same file name (with a new content), same command. But now, I get the following message:

ldif_parse_line: userCertificate;binary: URL "file:///usr/local/ssl/certs/filename.der" fetch failed

Did I do something wrong? Did I forget some obvious thing?

If you need more details, don't hesitate to ask.

I hope somebody will guess where the problem is.

Best regards,

Michel Gardie                            | Phone: +33 1 60 76 47 89
Institut National des Télécommunications | Fax:   +33 1 60 76 47 11
9, rue Charles Fourier                   | Email: michel.gardie@int-evry.fr
91011 EVRY Cedex France