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Re: using openldap with mac os x clients

Problem solved!!!

I upgraded to cyrus-sasl 2.1.21 (from 2.1.20 which was the latest
version when I started this whole thing) and my server no longer
crashes. My mac clients can authenticate now.

Thanks for your help! And thanks also to Quanah Gibson-Mount for the insights.


On 6/21/05, Aaron Richton <richton@nbcs.rutgers.edu> wrote:
> > However, running slapd in the debugger gives me the following stack
> > trace. Looks like my problem is SASL-related somehow:
> > #1  0x40018c81 in _sasldb_getdata (utils=0x8156958, context=0x8155b50,
> Looks like it could be. Are you running the latest version of cyrus-sasl?
> If not, I'd try upgrading to that as the next step.