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cascade replication

I'd like to do a cascade replication with 3 servers
on the 1st serwer I have database "o=myorg"
on the 2nd "ou=unit1,o=myorg"
on 3rd "ou=office,ou=unit1,o=myorg"

So the information applying to "o=myorg"" modified on 1st server is replicated to 2nd, then its replicated to 3rd. On 2nd serwer I can modify information applying to "ou=unit1,o=myorg" which is replicated to 3rd server. So each server contains all the information from preceding server plus new data connected with "ou=office,ou=unit1,o=myorg".

I tried to do this using slurpd but while slapd.conf contained 'updatedn' it haven't accepted adding new objects using ldapadd, beacuse of shadow database.

Is it possible to make such a configuration work ?