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Re: Problems with ldapadd

At 04:20 PM 6/20/2005, Andreas Bauer wrote:
>I think, there is something wrong with the lidf files 

Yes.  You should correct the problems indicated by ldapadd(1).

adding new entry "dc=samba,dc=org"
ldap_add: Naming violation (64)
        additional info: naming attribute 'dc' is not present in entry

adding new entry "cn=admin,dc=samba,dc=org"
ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
        additional info: no structural object class provided

That is, you should ensure entries represented in the LDIF
conform to LDAP/X.500 models.  If you do not understand
these models, I suggest you read a good book on the subject
and ask questions as necessary on a list intended for general
discussions about LDAP.  See http://www.openldap.org/lists/
and the FAQ for suggestions regarding books and lists.