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Re: slapadd -q and db_archive

Francis Swasey wrote:
A warning for others who have applied the patch to add the -q flag that Quanah has made available.

After your slapadd finishes, be sure to do a db_recover on the database directory. I didn't (at first) and I was getting error messages out of db_archive of:

DB_ENV->log_archive interface requires an environment configured for the logging subsystem

DB_ENV->log_archive: Invalid argument

which had me scratching my head for a while...

This is on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.5 and OpenLDAP 2.2.26 with Quanah's -q flag patch applied (as well as a few others -- so perhaps it is unique to my environment).
Put another way - read the docs to make sure you understand what a patch does. Don't use patches you don't understand.

The "-q" (quick mode) feature is part of the 2.3 release and is documented in the 2.3 manpages.

In the case of back-bdb/hdb it turns off transaction support in the DB environment while it does its work. If you just start slapd right away, there's no issue because slapd always enables transactions again before doing anything else. If you run something else (like db_archive, in this case) then you'll get the above error - since there was no transaction support, there is no transaction log file to examine.
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