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Re: Does OpenLDAP support Change Tracking/UniqueObjectIds/Zombie entries?

--On Thursday, June 16, 2005 2:00 PM -0700 Safdar Kureishy <safdar.kureishy@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Quanah,

This is a follow-up to your answers below about the entryUUID
attribute. You mentioned the entryUUID attribute should work on all
OpenLDAP 2.2 versions.

However, I'm using version 2.2.19 on Windows and when I create
entries, there doesn't seem to be an "entryUUID" attribute anywhere on
the entry. Do you know if there is a flag to be set for this attribute
to be automatically created etc.? Or if this attribute is hidden, is
there a flag to unhide it so I can include it in exports?

See comments below from my original reply to you:

BTW, the UUID attribute is operational, you have to ask an ldapsearch to
return the UUID attribute if you are searching for it using the "+"

Here's an example:

tribes:~> ldapsearch -LLL -Q -h ldap -b "dc=stanford,dc=edu" uid=quanah +
dn: uid=quanah,cn=Accounts,dc=Stanford,dc=edu
structuralObjectClass: suAccount
creatorsName: cn=manager,dc=stanford,dc=edu
createTimestamp: 20030529234623Z
entryUUID: 1d9a7fc4-019e-1028-8bad-89d9a09c6a42
entryCSN: 20050613090208Z#000001#00#000000
modifiersName: cn=slog-accounts,cn=service,cn=applications,dc=stanford,dc=edu
modifyTimestamp: 20050613090208Z
subschemaSubentry: cn=Subschema
hasSubordinates: FALSE

If it isn't showing up when you do a slapcat, that would be particularly odd.


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