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Re: Debian slapd.conf

At 04:55 AM 6/15/2005, Edward De Jongh wrote:
>Hi all I recently switched to Debian and I see they still use the
>deprecated where there is no admin/root password available:

I am not sure what you refer to as a deprecated feature.
Certainly rootdn/rootpw feature is not deprecated, though
some recommend avoidance of this feature as they prefer
to have all access subject to access controls.

>What and or where do I find the actual password? I know I can change the
>slapd.conf to use a password, I'm just interested to find out where this
>pw is stored

If you are using in-directory passwords, then passwords
are held in userPassword attributes.  If you are using
rootpw configuration option, then rootpw option holds the
password.  If you are using some external password store,
the actual passwords are held in that external password store.
You can, of course, use any combination of in-directory,
rootpw, and external passwords.

>and why this method has been deprecated.

See my first comment.