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Debian slapd.conf

Hi all I recently switched to Debian and I see they still use the
deprecated where there is no admin/root password available:

# Where to store the replica logs for database #1
# replogfile    /var/lib/ldap/replog

# The userPassword by default can be changed
# by the entry owning it if they are authenticated.
# Others should not be able to see it, except the
# admin entry below
# These access lines apply to database #1 only
access to attrs=userPassword
        by dn="cn=admin,dc=dom,dc=mydom,dc=co,dc=za" write
        by anonymous auth
        by self write
        by * none

What and or where do I find the actual password? I know I can change the
slapd.conf to use a password, I'm just interested to find out where this
pw is stored and why this method has been deprecated.