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Re: Nested meta-backends

On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, Howard Chu wrote:

> > We want results to come back unmolested e.g. I want to see something like
> > "dn: Appl=PogoSticks,ou=Applications,dc=secret,dc=com,dc=au" instead of "dn:
> > Appl=PogoSticks,ou=Applications,ou=UserView", which means a rewrite rule.
> >   
> Rather than doing that, it would be better to define a dc=au database with
> stub entries for
>    dc=net,dc=au
>    dc=network,dc=net,dc=au
>    dc=org,dc=au
>    dc=group,dc=org,dc=au
>    dc=com,dc=au
>    dc=secret,dc=com,dc=au
> and then use subordinate/backglue to attach the actual databases. In this
> case, you only need to use back-ldap to access the dc=secret database. Such a
> setup will get your "unmolested" view of the trees without requiring any
> rewrite rules.

Perhaps I gave the impression that all of our suffixes ended in "dc=au";
my mistake if so.  They do not.

Anyway, the requirements have changed yet again (ah, I love my job) and
I can get away with a single meta i.e. no nested ones.

There's some neat ideas in there, so I'll keep them in mind - thanks.

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