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Re: slapd/bdb stability problem

Dan Armbrust <daniel.armbrust.list@gmail.com> writes:

> The 2.2.26 release is much more stable in my experience that the
> 2.2.23 - I could cause crashes in 2.2.23 pretty easy.  I'd try
> upgrading first.
> Dan
> Fortin, John {PBG} wrote:
>>There have been quite a few updates since the version you are using came
>>out. Is it possible for you to upgrade to the newest stable release?


I don't think that upgrading would solve the problem. There are
situations where an upgrade would cure problems, but a rather small
database with a few hundred entries and some thousend searches within
24 hours wouldn't crash slapd.
 The 'hanging' Steffen is reporting, is to my understanding, not a
 crash but a 'unwilling to perform'. A debugging output of -d-1 would
 be required.


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