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RE: syncrepl questions

> From: owner-openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org
> On 5/31/05, Shawn Kennedy <shawnlkennedy@lucent.com> wrote:
> > I'm working on a project where we using
> > openldap, but also we want to run it on
> > redundant systems (where one box is Lead and
> > the other is Standby). These redundant systems can
> Hello,
> On our site, we are running 2 openldap servers (2.2.26 on FreeBSD) and
> we currently have replication working, if the master dies (heartbeat),
> it is just a matter of having a new configuration in place telling it
> not to replication from anymore (shell script). The important thing
> here is having roundrobin DNS and both machines with the same
> ldap.domain certs (we're using SSL).

Now given that my redundant systems have a well-known IP address
that floats between them (the LEAD box gets the floating IP), would
it make more sense to run the LDAP servers as master/master with them 
replicating to each other?  Is this even possible?  If not, what
did you do to manually stage them back and forth as Master/slave?
Did you have to stop LDAP, swap out the slapd config files
and restart?