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Invalid syntax

Hi list,

I got osme error when I was trying to add new email
account to openldap from phpldapadmin. In
phpldapadmin, I choose account type as Courier Mail
Account for creating user account. The version of
openldap is 2.2-26 and both phpldap admin, openldap
and courier-imap are runing in FreeBSD 5.4.

The error I got is:
slapd[1141]: conn=231 fd=10 ACCEPT from
IP= (IP=
slapd[1141]: conn=231 op=0 BIND
dn="cn=sam,dc=authtec,dc=com" method=128
slapd[1141]: conn=231 op=0 BIND
dn="cn=sam,dc=authtec,dc=com" mech=SIMPLE ssf=0
slapd[1141]: conn=231 op=0 RESULT tag=97 err=0 text=
slapd[1141]: conn=231 op=1 ADD
slapd[1141]: conn=231 op=1 RESULT tag=105 err=21
text=objectClass: value #1 invalid per syntax
slapd[1141]: conn=231 op=2 UNBIND
slapd[1141]: conn=231 fd=10 closed

I don't know how I reproduce this problem using
ldapadd comandline. I wish someone here can guide me
thru to solve this problem at lease using commandline
if not in php.

I will very appricate for any suggestion.


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