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Re: LDAP client (2.1.30) with gnuTLS (1.0.16) dies in glibc mutex

--On Thursday, May 26, 2005 7:26 PM +0200 Lars Hanke <lars@lhanke.de> wrote:


OpenLDAP 2.1 is historic.

I feared this answer, actually. But my aim is to have a controllable
system with more or less automatic updates, e.g. Debian as distributed. I
already replaced the server (different machine) with  OpenLDAP stable.
Since LDAP is my core technology, replacing it would mean to manually
recompile  more or less the entire system.

If your intent is a controllable LDAP system, then I'd advise you to compile and maintain your own installation of the LDAP software. Debian Sarge, if you upgrade to that, will move you to 2.2, and you'll likely have some conversions to do at that point as it is. The simple fact is, if you plan on running an enterprise LDAP service, you are better off maintaining the control of the systems yourself, as this gives you the ultimate control over when and how you upgrade your systems.


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