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Re: LDAP client (2.1.30) with gnuTLS (1.0.16) dies in glibc mutex


OpenLDAP 2.1 is historic.

I feared this answer, actually. But my aim is to have a controllable system with more or less automatic updates, e.g. Debian as distributed. I already replaced the server (different machine) with OpenLDAP stable. Since LDAP is my core technology, replacing it would mean to manually recompile more or less the entire system.

Also, appears that you are running a hacked version of


post might be better directed to a list supporting the
particular flavor of libldap you are using.

Do you probably know a list about the Debian flavour, with some code competence about LDAP. All Debian lists I tried so far is most noise and won't go beyond configuration issues.

- lars.