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Re: referral question

At 01:44 AM 5/25/2005, Leo Eraly wrote:
>Is it possible to have an object stored in a local tree
>with certain (local&specific) attributes (e.g samba attributes,...) 
>and with a referral to another object in a central tree 
>which contains the (global) attributes (e.g name,email,..)

Sounds like you asking for "collective attributes",
attribute values shared by a collection of entries.
See RFC 3671.   OpenLDAP Software does not implement
collective attributes, but there are overlays which provide
similar capabilities (like the "collect" overlay).

One might be able to similar things with the "meta"
backend and/or various other overlays.

The 'ref' attribute is (primarily) for named subordinate
referrals.  See RFC 3296.  It is not used (or, at least,
not intended to be used) in providing collective attribute,
or the like, capabilities.