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RE: referral question

> At 01:44 AM 5/25/2005, Leo Eraly wrote:
> >Is it possible to have an object stored in a local tree
> >with certain (local&specific) attributes (e.g samba attributes,...)
> >and with a referral to another object in a central tree
> >which contains the (global) attributes (e.g name,email,..)

Yes, it is possible to do this using the translucent overlay, which is
available in OpenLDAP 2.3 and HEAD. We also include production-grade
versions of it in our CDS Gold and Platinum distributions that are based on
OpenLDAP 2.2.

We designed the translucent overlay for situations where an local LDAP
server is in place, the bulk of the information you are interested in
resides in a remote LDAP server, and you want to add additional attributes
or override attribute values contained on the remote server without actually
changing them there. It's ideal when you don't have control over the main
LDAP server but need to change/add to the data it presents. See
translucent(5) in HEAD or OpenLDAP 2.3.3b for additional information.

Hope this helps...

Matthew Hardin
Symas Corporation
Packaged, certified, and supported LDAP solutions powered by OpenLDAP: