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Component matching technology

OpenLDAP Component matching is a promising technology that not only 
enables very flexible searching
in the directory server but also mitigates new syntax development's effort 
by utilizing an eSNACC ASN.1 compiler. 
Current OpenLDAP 2.3.3beta is integrated with the technology, supporting 
X.509 certificate and CRL modules.
I uploaded a related paper and its presentation material through ITS 
For those who are interested in the technology, would you consider adding 
them in the publication list of the OpenLDAP web site?
And I also would like to thank Steven Legg at eB2Bcom and David Chadwick 
at the kent university
for productive comments on Component Matching development. 

Sang-Seok Lim

IBM T.J Watson Research Center
Yorktown Heights, NY