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What kind of data slapd-monitor provides?

Hi all,

We're running and OpenLDAP 2.2.26 server with slapd-monitor enabled. It seems 
to be working right.

But when I do an ldapsearch on cn=Monitor subtree, I get a lot of entries that 
I can't fully understand. It seems that there's no associated data.

For example:

# Bytes, Statistics, Monitor
dn: cn=Bytes,cn=Statistics,cn=Monitor
objectClass: monitorCounterObject
cn: Bytes

Ok, maybe i'm wrong, but what does it mean? There's no data about 'bytes'.

I think I've missunderstood what slapd-monitor does. Any tip?

Thank you in advance!

Imobach González Sosa
Servicio de Informática y Comunicaciones de la ULPGC
e-mail: igonzalez en becarios.ulpgc.es
Teléfono: +34 928 459519