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Can not compile OpenLDAP 2.2.26 : ar problem


I try to compile OpenLDAP 2.2.6 on a RHES3 (update 4), and I've got this error :

   cc -g -O2 -I../../../include -I../../../include -I.. -I./..
   -march=i686 -c version.c  -fPIC -DPIC -o version.lo
   ar ruv libback_bdb.a `echo init.lo tools.lo config.lo add.lo bind.lo
   compare.lo delete.lo modify.lo modrdn.lo search.lo extended.lo
   referral.lo operational.lo attr.lo index.lo key.lo dbcache.lo
   filterindex.lo dn2entry.lo dn2id.lo error.lo id2entry.lo idl.lo
   nextid.lo cache.lo trans.lo ctxcsn.lo | sed 's/\.lo/.o/g'` version.o
   ar: init.o: No such file or directory
   make[3]: *** [libback_bdb.a] Error 1
   make[3]: Leaving directory
   make[2]: *** [.backend] Error 1
   make[2]: Leaving directory
   make[1]: *** [all-common] Error 1
   make[1]: Leaving directory
   make: *** [all-common] Error 1
   error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.59391 (%build)

   RPM build errors:

       Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.59391 (%build)
   make: *** [rpm] Error 1

I use the libtool version 1.4.3

   dtl@devums38:~>rpm -qa | grep libtool

and there are files generated (I don't have *.o files used by the command ar !!!)

add.c cache.lo dbcache.lo error.lo idl.c key.lo nextid.lo tools.c
add.lo compare.c delete.c extended.c idl.h Makefile operational.c tools.lo
attr.c compare.lo delete.lo extended.lo idl.lo Makefile.in operational.lo trans.c
attr.lo config.c dn2entry.c external.h index.c modify.c proto-bdb.h trans.lo
back-bdb.h config.lo dn2entry.lo filterindex.c index.lo modify.lo referral.c version.c
bind.c ctxcsn.c dn2id.c filterindex.lo init.c modrdn.c referral.lo version.lo
bind.lo ctxcsn.lo dn2id.lo id2entry.c init.lo modrdn.lo search.c cache.c dbcache.c error.c id2entry.lo key.c nextid.c search.lo dtl@devums38:~>

Someone could help me please ?