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Re: DSA is busy error

I note that sluprd development has basically ceased as
we focus energies on LDAP-sync based replication.  I
suggest that those attempting to implement heterogeneous
replication consider adding LDAP-sync provider and
consumer support to their DSAs (or asking their DSA vendor
to provide such support).  LDAP sync is described in

At 12:31 AM 5/16/2005, Ronnie Doorzon wrote:
>I have setup an openldap server with an DSA. When the DSA returns error code 51 'Server is busy'
>to slurpd the entry is written to the reject file. Is this normal behaviour?


>I would suspect the entry to stay in the slurpd.replog and slurpd would retry until accepted.

Then the administrator might never become aware that
replication is stuck due to a busy error.  Administrators
tend to watch the reject file for errors.

>Which error code should the DSA return to let the entry stay in slurpd.replog and be reprocessed
>by slurpd?

I don't believe there is one.

>Or is an time-out the only option?

Timing out is not necessarily a good option.