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Re: How do I un-install?

Thanks both of you, that seems to have worked OK. Now I need to get to grips with LDAP itself!

Chuck Theobald wrote:
Hi Richard,

Delete files created in the erroneous directory, then run "make clean" in the base directory of the source distro. After this, run your configure line with appropriate options, followed by the make and make install.


At 12:05 AM 5/13/2005, Richard Meek wrote:
Thanks Matt,

matthew sporleder <msporleder@gmail.com> wrote:
I don't have a makefile handy to check for it, but a lot of stuff
comes with an uninstall make target.  (make uninstall)  Try it out.
Otherwise, you might have to hunt-down the files manually. (check the
make install and just do rm's)

On 5/12/05, Richard Meek <rpm@16hd.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
Realised after testing that I had got ./configure's --prefix wrong (used
"=/opt" when I needed "=/opt/ldap") and I want to un-install and redo.
But "make uninstall" doesn't work and nothing obvious in Makefile.

An obvious solution is to delete the entries LDAP has parked in /opt and
re-do the "make install" but I am worried that this may leav esomething
pointing to a wrong place? Any better suggestions please?

FWIW, using 2.2.26 on SuSE 9.3

"make uninstall" was the first thing I tried - but there's no such target in the Makefile nor anything obvious to have the same effect. So I've gone ahead and hunted 'em down manually - not a bit task, but a surprise that it was necessary.

Maybe one for the developers - do any of them see this list?

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