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Re: slapd fails to start after reboot

> If you have an unclean shutdown, you have to recover the database.
> Rebooting is going to be unclean.
> In OpenLADP 2.3, there is an automatic recovery process that takes place in
> the event of an unclean shutdown.
> I'd wager that when you reboot the system, slapd is getting killed by the
> shutdown process and not via -INT.
> On my 2.2 systems, I simply have an init script that only runs during
> system startup that will run db_recover before slapd is started, so in the
> case of a reboot, the system recovers cleanly.

Quanah - 

Thanks - I overlooked the obvious - that slapd was being killed by the
shutdown process rather than the init script.

Thanks (as always) for your help,