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Re: Searching without matching derived attributes

> ># utaMailAlias -- email alias value
> > attributetype ( NAME 'utaMailAlias'
> > 	DESC 'Email alias'
> > 	SUP mail)
> >

> Don't SUP it.  Use your OID for the NAME, and use the same SYNTAX as the 
> mail attribute. ;)

Here is a theoretical question that I'll ask to see if someone has
experience with it.  If I change the above attributetype definition, but
currently have attributes of that type in my directory, will lead to
problems?  I'm not familiar with the underlying structure used to store
or index these attributes in the backend to know how to predict the
results.  I'll likely err on the side of caution and remove then reload
those attributes unless someone can assure me that it isn't necessary.

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