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Searching without matching derived attributes

Hello everyone,

I have a feeling this may not actually be an error of sorts, and with
smart applications, this shouldn't even be a usability issue. 
Nevertheless, I have an application (HP 9100c Digital Sender) that
searches OpenLDAP directory for a mail attribute associated with an
account.  Unfortunately, when it does its search, it gets back the mail
attribute, and the utaMailAlias attribute because utaMailAlias is
derived from mail:

# utaMailAlias -- email alias value
attributetype ( NAME 'utaMailAlias'
	DESC 'Email alias'
	SUP mail)

The attribute I am wanting is only mail, but OpenLDAP will return both
mail and utaMailAlias.

ldapsearch -H "ldaps://HOSTNAME" -b "cn=accounts,dc=uta,dc=edu"
"(uid=digant)" mail

# digant, accounts, uta, edu
dn: uid=digant,cn=accounts,dc=uta,dc=edu
mail: digant@exchange.uta.edu
utaMailAlias: digant@uta.edu

Is there a way to keep derived attribute types from being returned? 
When this happens, the digital sender just assumes something went wrong
instead of correctly using just the mail attribute.  

I am using OpenLDAP 2.2.23 on Red Hat AS 3.0.  (I should probably
upgrade to the latest OpenLDAP, huh?)

-- DK

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