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Re: URI Question

> If I try
> ldapsearch -H ldap://localhost/o=domain.org?uid?sub?(objectclass=*)
> The search shows all entries but if I add an ou such as
> ldapsearch -H
> ldap://localhost/ou=people,o=domain.org?uid?sub?(objectclass=*)
> it gives me
> Could not create LDAP session handle for
> URI=ldap://localhost/ou=people,o=domain.org?uid?sub?(objectclass=*)
> (-9): Bad parameter to an ldap routine
> a -b search with the same ou=people,o=domain.org works fine.
> Is the "ou=people,o=domain.org in the URI not the same as -b in a search?
> Another problem with the same uri is that with the working search, if
> I add an objectclass value, it is ignored.

Everything after <hostport> that is passed to ldapsearch with -H is
ignored.  This is the intended (and documented) behavior.  Use -b <base>,
-s <scope>, the <filter> and the <attrlist> arguments as described in


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