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Re: Entries in LDAP dir seem to sporadically become unreadable

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
At 03:55 PM 4/28/2005, David Harrison wrote:

Are you suggesting I need to run slapindex every time I modify the directory ?

I suggesting that slapindex by ran after adding a new
index to the server's configuration.  That is, this
happens most commonly due to operator error.


Ah. We haven't varied the indexable items in a very long time, so I'm still lost as to how this is happening.

Can anyone suggest how I can chase down where the problem is coming from ? Having to rerun slapindex on a daily basis probably isnt the right way to go (and mightn't prevent the problem anyway).

It seeming more and more like a bug somewhere between OpenLDAP and the DB (I'm using LDBM) at the moment.