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Re: ldapsearch issue

Edward De Jongh writes:
> (...)
> if I search for a user like so:
> Attributes attrs = ctx.getAttributes("cn=someone
> x,ou=somewhere,dc=example,dc=co,dc=za");

That's a direct lookup of an entry by its name (DN).  LDAP implements
that as a a search with scope=base, which only examines the named DN.

> (...)
> dn: cn=someone x,ou=somewhere,dc=example,dc=co,dc=za
> objectclass: lifeUser
> displayName: something
> employeeNumber: 1031275942
> cn: someone
> sn: x
> However I cannot do a search based on employee number
> Like so   employeeNumber=1031275942,ou=somewhere,dc=example,dc=co,dc=za

To search for employee number when that is not part of the entry name,
use search filter "(employeeNumber=1031275942)"
or maybe "(&(employeeNumber=1031275942)(objectClass=lifeUser))".

With search scope subtree (sometimes called sub) you can use search base
"dc=example,dc=co,dc=za" or "ou=somewhere,dc=example,dc=co,dc=za".  With
search scope onelevel (also called singleLevel or one) you can only use
the latter search base.

Also read up on LDAP basics.  The difference between DN and filter is
_very_ basic.