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Re: Non-numeric OIDs; iPlanet->openLDAP

Michael.Smith@domino1.cuny.edu wrote:

I was afraid of that. So (just to clarify) LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_XX etc. have no effect?

No, it has an effect.

Is there any particular reason (if so) why they remain in the codebase?

Other programs that use libldap may not have the same stringent requirements that slapd does.


Michael.Smith@domino1.cuny.edu wrote:

What is the current state of play wrt the compile flags LDAP_SCHEMA_ALLOW_ALL et al.? I see some contradictory messages on the mailing list archives.

I'm particularly interested in allowing non-numeric OIDs in schema definitions -- not because I think it's a good idea, but because I need to import a schema originally created on an iPlanet server, which uses alphanumeric names for OIDs rather than dotted-decimal numbers.

slapd requires all schema elements to have numeric OIDs. It does allow the use of alphanumeric macro names in certain places, but those names must be resolvable to a numeric OID (see the "objectidentifier" ketword in slapd.conf(5)).

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