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Re: OpenLDAP & bdb transactions

Lia Tarta wrote:

As I understand, OpenLDAP does not support
transactions in its current version. However, the bdb
backend is said to be transactional. My question is,
how do I use these transactions for bdb? Is there any
way of performing a transactional operation that makes
2 calls (e.g.: to ADD calls) to OpenLDAP?

Not directly. back-bdb uses transactions within a single operation, to maintain the consistency of all the indices associated with a single entry. You still need a higher level control layer to enforce transactions across multiple operations. You could write an overlay to provide some form of transactional LDAP features, it doesn't need to be implemented in the backend itself. Of course, it would require a fair amount of effort to provide all of the recoverability features that one expects from a transactional system.

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