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Re: Question mark in place of attribute name?

> This is a stupid newbie question, I'm sure, and this
> probably isn't the place to ask it either, but my openLDAP
> server is getting search requests from a Websphere instance
> that look like this (this is the log entry, not the line trace):
> SRCH base="uid=foo,ou=people,dc=bar,dc=com"
>         scope=0
>         deref=3
>         filter="(|(objectClass=*)(?=undefined))"
> What's with this "?=undefined" thing? Is this a legit
> search syntax? What does it mean?
> Thanks in advance for all the light I'm sure will be shed --

OpenLDAP's slapd is being queried with a filter that contains an attribute
type that is not present in the schema.  Per RFC (I don't remember which)
this results in an invalid filter, but no error is returned to the client;
the operation is rather rignored.  You need to find out what attribute
type is being used in that filter (e.g. by using a debug level that allows
to see what's on the wire; adding "-d 16" to slapd, i.e. "BER" level,
should help; then you need to be able to read it...).


Pierangelo Masarati

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