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MessageID integer problem

Title: MessageID integer problem

Hi Everyone,

I have a question on the Open LDAP client (ldapmodify). I have run into a problem. I have written a small server application in .NET that 'talks' LDAP. I use the openldap utilities to send data to this server application. Everything seems to work fine until I reach message ID (in LDAP message header) 32.768 (yes, I know, no cooincidence here). Message ID 32.767 gets sent as 02 02 7f ff. On my windows machine the OpenLdap software sends me 02 03 00 80 00 for the next message ID where the 00 80 00 is the actual message ID number. This is what I would expect. On Windows all seems to work OK.

When I have a client on an Unix machine I get 02 03 00 80 ff. This calculates into 33.023. It looks like the wrong bytes get updated. I return  the exact same message ID in my modify result, but this causes the client to hang. My guess is it is expecting a different number. I have tried sending back the correct number in this case (or at least what I believe to be correct), 02 03 00 80 00. This however does not solve the problem.

I am somewhat stuck.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? What am I missing here?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,

Jeroen Bos
ICT Staff Member
Isala Klinieken