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Re: bdb and cache size

Thanks for the suggestions Quanah.

Did you read the man page for back-bdb?

find . -name 'back-bdb*' reveals no man page in the openldap 2.2.24 sources?

Did you read the OpenLDAP administrators guide?

Yeah, many times. I mentioned I found out about dbcachesize being ignored from the manual.

Have you read over any of the various references to the DB_CONFIG file required for correctly configuring the BDB database? :)

Ah, that appears to be the missing link!

dbcachesize is not a valid option for back-bdb.

BTW, it is almost always faster to slapcat/slapadd than to slapindex, unless you are changing the index of only a single attribute, at which point you can comment out every other index line in your config file, run slapindex, and then uncomment the commented out indices.

Thanks for the tip.

You may find:

<http://www.stanford.edu/services/directory/openldap/configuration/> of some help as well.

Again, thank you.

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