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Re: OpenLDAP in 'Deutscher Bundestag' and other german govermental administrations [auf Viren überprüft]

google's translate German to English page says it means:

I search for official reasons for practical experiences (references) for the application of OpenLDAP in larger projects of the public administration. Most well-known example is reliably the introduction of OpenLDAP in the German Bundestag. I have hope that from this circle or other one is here. Perhaps or other one may announce itself, which would make me happy.

On 4/7/05 6:35 AM, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
I kindly ask you to provide a brief translation of that message, since
this list is intended to be in English.  Moreover, does the information
you require have to be related to German-only  government agencies, or
would any European or world-wide similar organizations fit?  We have some
experience in deploying OpenLDAP (and other open source software) within
Italian government agencies, for instance.


[The following is in german, because the intended recipients are
OpenLDAP users in german govermental adminstrations, who should be able
to understand it. :-)]


Ich suche aus dienstlichen Gründen nach praktischen Erfahrungen
(Referenzen) zum Einsatz von OpenLDAP in größeren Projekten der
öffentlichen Verwaltung.
Bekanntestes Beispiel ist sicher die Einführung von OpenLDAP im
deutschen Bundestag. Ich habe die Hoffnung, dass sich aus diesem Kreis
hier der eine oder andere findet.
Vielleicht mag sich der eine oder andere melden, das würde mich freuen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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