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Permissions error

Howdy all,

I believe this is directly related to openldap, and its another issue I've been having.

Here is my slapd access portion. The members of the admin group aren't able to write; however, even though I have a rule saying they can. I have to add a access to * by * to be able to write at all. Any ideas?

The only variable I can think of is that the admin users are also part of group "users". But then I added them individually into group "admin".

Thanks in advance.  -Matt

# Members of admin group can write to everything
access to *
       by group.exact="cn=admin,dc=dandy,dc=net" write
       by group.exact="cn=techs,dc=dandy,dc=net" read
       by self write
       by users read
       by anonymous auth
       by * break

# Allow only user to change its password
access to attr=userPassword
       by group="cn=techs,ou=groups,dc=dandy,dc=net" write
       by self write
       by anonymous auth
       by * none