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Re: openldap segfaults when adding entries when replication is enabled and -march=opteron CFLAG is used.


Matt.Gregory@ctimi.com writes:

> is the same as well, with data being imported using slapadd.
> Additional: The record is added before the segfault, but nothing is written to the
> replication log
> When I turn off replication, everything works fine (add, delete, modify)
> Everything works fine on x86.
> When I perform any operation on the opteron systems other than adding new records
> everything goes fine, but when I add new records I get a segfault.  I've included full
> debuging output as well as the configs for both servers at this url:
> http://www.skyleach.com/openldap_error.html.

This sounds similar to my problem with ldapsearch and amd64. Could you
check wether there is a resolver problem with openldap on your opteron


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