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Re: openldap segfaults when adding entries when replication is enabled and -march=opteron CFLAG is used.

I suggest you considering upgrading to at least the latest
"stable" release of OpenLDAP Software.  2.1 is Historic.

At 11:24 AM 3/30/2005, Matt.Gregory@ctimi.com wrote:

>Problem: record addition fails with a segfault on an Gentoo linux opteron system
>I have both Opteron and x86 (Pentium3) systems which I am prototyping openldap on for production use.  The same versions of everything and the same compile options with the exception of the CFLAGS for the systems differ in the -march options, which are -march=pentium3 and -march=opteron respectively.  The configurations on the servers are also the same with the exception of the hostnames where replication is concerned.  The data is the same as well, with data being imported using slapadd.
>Additional: The record is added before the segfault, but nothing is written to the replication log 
>When I turn off replication, everything works fine (add, delete, modify) 
>Everything works fine on x86. 
>When I perform any operation on the opteron systems other than adding new records everything goes fine, but when I add new records I get a segfault.  I've included full debuging output as well as the configs for both servers at this url: http://www.skyleach.com/openldap_error.html. 
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