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Re: slapcat run by cronjob

Thanks Gary, you are right, after adding
the full path it works!


Tay, Gary wrote:

Check the enviroment variables when in terminal mode, especially PATH
and LD_LIBRARY_PATH, you need to modify your script to incorporate
these, I think.


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Subject: slapcat run by cronjob

Hi All, I have simple script to take back up our openldap server using slapcat, as shown below

#!/bin/bash cd /root
TEST=$(echo "test-$(date +%y%m%d%M).ldif")
touch $LDIF
LDIFFILE=$(echo "openldap-backup-$(date
slapcat -l $LDIFFILE
mv $TEST /root/backup
mv $LDIFFILE /root/backup

this will work if I run from terminal, I am getting
the ldif file with all the data.

If I put the same script under cron, I am not getting any ldif file also no log messages, since test file is there under backup, I am sure cron job is running.

how to achive slapcat using cron job, anybody using
like this??, how to do that??

thanks in advance,

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